Monday, December 7, 2009

Successful Sub 24

Three intrepid souls left HC world HQ to head out into the great cold night. But since an army never marches an empty stomach, a stop at Caps for BBQ Chicken was the first order of business. Our stomachs full, we headed into the night.

We rolled up the Minnesota River Valley, enjoying the solitude and the clear cold air. Arriving at our camp sight, we set up a tent, and solved the world's problems over a good cigar and some 20+ year old scotch. As the night grew colder, we crawled into our sleeping bags and slept soundly. Without a thermometer, the exact temperature is unknown but given we were in a low spot and along a creek, my guess is our temp was somewhere south of 10 degrees, colder with the wind.

Not wanting to leave our warm cocoons, we delayed breaking camp until the sun was just above the horizon. We headed west over the Cedar Avenue Bridge before looping back and re-entering the world just east of the Mall of America. We continued east towards the legendary IHOP to wreak havoc on their advertised breakfast specials.

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera with a flash so the photographic record is of low quality and starts with:


Now thoroughly full, we opted to utilize the Light Rail for part of the ride home.

The boys, pre-boarding.

I'm pretty sure the train car designers didn't envision trying to squeeze a 4 inch tire into the bike hooks.

A great trip -- great company, and no mechanical/equipment problems. Already scheming up the next one.



  1. Riding conditions? Did you ride through any snow?

  2. No snow. Trails were hard pack. We are supposed to get some snow this week/

  3. Sounds like fun! You guys are so hardcore!

  4. next time I'll bring coffee cups.