Saturday, February 20, 2010

Frostbike Bling

A group of us attended QBP's annual dealer show and as usual, there was lots of cool new stuff.

This is Dave Gray's ride on the Arrowhead 135. Mark and I spent some time chatting with him about snow biking, equipment and the fun had making bike hacks.

Salsa has a ton of new stuff including 3 new titanium frames. The El Mariachi Ti 29'er was extremely sweet.

Salsa also showed their ingenuity with a line of new racks. The one pictured can mount front or rear and has an assortment of mounting options which will make this a huge seller. They also will have a lowridet front rack as well as a new touring rear rack that is slightly less robust than the Surly Rack but still capable of carrying a full touring load.

I'm hoping for a major lottery won so that both the Fargo and Ti El Mariachi can find their way into my garage this summer.



  1. that is one sweet Salsa bike right there. i like the racks also.

    Dave had a great write up about his adventure with the 2010 AH135. still don't know if i will get used to the color of the new Pug frames.

    thanks for sharing.

    Peace, Joboo

  2. I hope you get them too. That way, in a couple of years, I can buy 'em off of ya cheap when you decide you have to have the next piece of bling that shows up...