Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Clear As A Bell

As long as I can remember, I have had poor vision. When I first got glasses at the age of 5, my mother told me that she cried when, upon leaving the doctor's office, I remarked that I could see the birds and the trees clearly for the first time.

In the mid-70's, I started wearing contact lenses which for me, was life changing. I finally had great peripheral vision and gone were the issues with glasses sliding down my nose in the heat, or fogging up coming in from the cold. The daily cleaning and maintaining process became as routine as brushing my teeth.

Over the past few years, I could tell my vision was starting to deteriorate. Images were blurry, there were halos around lights after dark, and colors were just not as vibrant. It was much like looking through a frosty window -- all year. A visit to the doctor confirmed that I had cataracts, and surgery was really the only solution. Based on research I did and talking with people who had gone through the process, the outcomes were almost always successful with no side effects.

Last Thursday, I had the first eye done. The actual surgery took about 20 minutes and I was semi-awake during the whole procedure. My doctor and I were discussing winter biking, and I could see a bright light with things moving in and out of my field of vision. My vision was hazy for about 48 hours and, based upon an eye exam yesterday, I now have 20/20 distance vision.

Tomorrow, I get the other eye done. I am planning on being at the HC Pub Crawl Sunday but if I ride, I may need some help.


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