Thursday, April 7, 2011

Snow and Sand

Armed with a new laptop and time, I can finally catch up on my blogging. Despite a pretty snowy winter in the Twin Cities, winter seemed to fade away as I headed west. After making across Nebraska and eastern Colorado, and spending the night west of Denver, we headed towards Utah.

The Henry Mountains - east of Grand Staircase.

After spending the night in Hanksville, we headed east to explore the Poison Springs area and get some riding in.


Jack getting dinner ready.

After a cold night, the day dawned bright and much warmer. I was anxious to ride my new Ti Fargo as we headed towards the Poison River. The road was little more than a jeep track with multiple creek crossings, and covered in rock and loose gravel. The bike was amazing, handling all the road offered with no problems.

After we returned to camp, the sun was at such an angle that the petroglyphs on the rocks above. This is a fairly remote area but the fact that these drawings had survived centuries of sun and wind was pretty humbling.


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