Thursday, May 26, 2011

Green Mountains

I've been in Vermont scouting a trip I'm leading in August and visiting my daughter and son-in-law. It's been a great trip and I had the opportunity to drive more than 750 miles through most of the upper half of the state.

Rural Vermont in general and the Northeast Kingdom in particular is rugged, isolated and mountainous. It's not the elevation of the Rockies but there is little flat land anywhere and roads were typically built over rather than around the mountains. Farming here is challenging and the stone walls that border the fields are the result of many strong backs clearing the fields. Maple syrup, timber and cows appear to make up the bulk of the economy, and the people I met were exceedingly friendly, proud of their state and always willing to stop and chat.

This past winter was hard here and Lake Champlain, which lies on the western border, is flooding at historic levels. The streams everywhere are running strong and the fields are still too muddy to plant in many areas. People tend to forget that Lake Champlain is very long at 125 miles, and when the wind blows from the north or south, waves in the 3-5+ foot range are not uncommon.
The Lake always wins.

Lake Seymour -- Northeast Kingdom

Lake Champlain -- looking west towards New York and the Adirondacks.

There are many of these.

The Northeast Kingdom must be spectacular in the fall when the maple and birch trees are at peak color, and it's been added to my personal bucket list.


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  1. whoa. found this via the blogger, and wish i'd seen it sooner. nice pics, and nice trips.

    thats some mileage driving around our fair state!