Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Day of Contrasts

I arrived in Utah Monday and have been scouting the ride I'm leading next week. Like most of the country, the West has had a record snow pack, and now that the temps have risen, the flooding is quite epic.

At Cedar Breaks National Monument, the road over the top typically opens on Memorial Day. It's not expected to open until one day after my ride is scheduled to summit so I spent part of today finding a good detour. The snow here is 5-6 feet high and there are reports that some drifts are close to 15 feet further down the road.

As I'm driving a frontage road parallel to I-15, I see a sign for Cottonwood Road. Being easily distracted, I start down it. It started innocently enough as a dirt track through some farm land and quickly became a pretty gnarly track. It did, however, take me up into Dixie National Forest to the intersection with the Old Spanish Trail.

The wet spring had created huge ruts that ran with and across the road so the going was slow.

The trees were just starting to green out and there were flowers everywhere.

I was glad to have a vehicle with high ground clearance and a tough drive train. It's officially broken in now.


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