Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cycle Utah

I just returned from working Adventure Cycling's Cycle Utah trip and it was a great time. Great staff, great participants and IMHO, some of the most beautiful country on this planet. The more time I spend in the west, the more I am convinced I am a westerner at heart -- the grand vistas, dry air and lots of public land to explore. No move west is imminent but it has long been a dream of mine so hopefully, it will happen.

We spent a night outside Bryce Canyon National Park and the staff did a hike on the Peek a Boo trail. All hikes in Bryce start at the rim and go down into the canyon.

The trail ahead.

Yep, that is the trail.

Bryce is famous for it's hoodoos, rock formations carved by wind and rain.

The Wall of windows.

The most challenging day for riders is the climb from Panguitch up over Cedar Breaks to Cedar City. They had really great weather for it with some wind at the top and relatively warm temps. In years past, this ride has been done in snow and rain.

Some snow remains over 10,000 feet.

The ride also goes through Red Canyon just outside of Bryce. The crappy cell phone pix really do not do the colors justice.

Home next week and then the missus and I travel west to Seattle where I will work, and she will ride ACA's Cycle Washington. We hope to stop along the way at Teddy Roosevelt NP, Glacier (I'm hoping to ride the Going To The Sun Road) and Missoula, MT.

Look for FaceBook and possibly a blog post or two along the way.


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