Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Planet Convergence

At almost every amateur athletic event I have attended, they usually seem to play Eye of The Tiger to inspire the athletes at whatever physical challenge they are attempting. I think they have it all wrong.

Tonight, as I was riding home from dinner with the missus, Handel's Messiah was in play. At the base of the only major climb on the route, the London Philharmonic and Kings College Choir broke into the Hallelujah Chorus and by the time I was at the top, I was singing along. My apologies to the jogger who I am pretty sure I scared half to death. Now that is an inspiring piece of music!!

Minneapolis across the Mississippi

Closing Note: I have received a few emails from folks who tried to link to last night's post, only to find it gone. A person referenced in the post wrote a comment that indicated they had taken it personally. Rather than perpetuate the misunderstanding, and in an effort to minimize the passive-aggressive behavior so rampant here, I deleted it.


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