Friday, April 2, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I made it back Thursday after a 15 hour drive from west of Denver. The plan was for an early morning ride but given the altitude (8500 feet) and the congestion in my chest and head, I opted to forgo it. Of course, maybe it was the fact that my buddy had planned the route up a road unofficially called "Oh My God" by the locals because most of them had uttered those words either ascending or descending it in the winter.

The first 500 miles of Eastern Colorado and Nebraska are mind numbingly boring. The only excitement came when an Aston Martin Vantage passed me at what I guess was in excess of 100 mph in Nebraska. It wasn't until a truck slowed its progress that I was able to snap this. I'll bet he can't camp in it, so there!

After leaving Flagstaff, I headed northeast into Utah, passing by Monument Valley. The Navajo that own and run Monument Valley don't allow camping within so I continued north towards Mexican Hat, Utah, so named for this interesting rock formation.

North of Mexican Hat is Valley of The Gods, described as a mini-Monument Valley. It's part of Glen Canyon Recreation Area so dry camping is permissible wherever one can find a spot. There is a 17 mile dirt road through it which affords magnificent views in every direction. It was also a full moon night so I was excited that my last night of camping would be in such a great spot. I was unable to accurately record the full moon by camera but, take my word, it was magnificent.

The approach.

Sunset and moon rise.

What I call "Thumbs Up" mesa.

Just me and the coyotes.

Next trip is in June when I head back to Utah to wrench on Cycle Utah. The snow should be gone by then so I am planning a combo driving/mountain biking trip over part of Hole in the Rock Road. Stay tuned.


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  1. Thanks for updating us on your travels. I enjoy the photos and descriptions while I'm stuck here in the office.