Friday, March 26, 2010

Hostels - where have they gone?

Since I am taking a class here the next few days,I am currently staying at the Grand Canyon International Hostel in downtown Flagstaff. $40/night with breakfast for a private room and shared bath. Laundry and wifi on site.

This morning, I ate breakfast with folks from Germany, the UK, Netherlands and South Africa who shared stories of their travels. One woman is attempting to see as much of the US as possible in 6 weeks by staying no longer than 2 nights in any one location, and travelling by plane, train and auto.

It's hard to know why hostelling has all but dissapeared here in the States. I'm sure there are a few around but they seem well hidden. My breakfast guests were complaining about the lack of cheap accomodations available in a country with so much to see.

Flagstaff is quite a fun town with a large university, many book and outdoor shops and cyclists everywhere. Route 66 runs a block from where I sit and you can both ski and trek the red rocks in an hour depending on the direction you head.

I found this spot rather intriguing and may try it.


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  1. Americans have begun to grow up in their own rooms, have single bed dorm rooms and haven't spent any time in the military sleeping in the same room as strangers. They don't travel, don't trust strangers and have to have a bathroom en suite.

    Essentially, we've become anti-social, paranoid, xenophobes. But you wouldn't know that from watching Fox...