Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Off The Beaten Path

Since leaving the comfort of friends house in Palm Springs, I have been roaming the land south and east exploring and trying out the new Camper mod.

The first night was spent camping near the Mexican border far back in what is called Indian Canyon. It was just me and the coyotes breaking silence that engulfed you. The night sky was stars from horizon to horizon.

From there I drove thru Yuma in a sandstorm to the Kofa Wildlife Refuge. It was quite windy and cold as I set up camp but the camper offered a snug shelter from the elements.

The camper conversion is a genius of design and works flawlessly. Even with the big basket and bike on top, road noise has not increased much at all. Wind was always an issue with the Boxy Element but it's no worse now.

On to Tucson with a stop hopefully at Kitts Peak Observatory.


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  1. Awesome pictures of the new camper. That's the life. I'm soooo jealous.