Thursday, March 11, 2010

SoCal To Tucson

I arrived in Tucson last night after several great days of exploring and dry camping. I have decent internet access here at the RV Park the next ACA ride starts from so I am doing a bit of a picture dump. The weather here has been pretty windy and cool and the natives are claiming its the coldest and wettest in 25 years. The desert is carpeted in green and it is only a matter of days until the flowers explode.

One of the riders enjoying the route east of San Diego.

The route east of San Diego goes through some very beautiful country. In a few months, this will be hot, dry and brown.

I was able to ride sweep one day south of Borrego Springs. It was extremely windy but still great to ride.

Views from camp in Borrego Springs.

The route back towards San Diego took us over Mt. Laguna where there is still snow on the ground. Locals like to drive up and either load snow into their trunks or have impromptu snow ball fights by the side of the road.

Once the ride ended, I spent the weekend in Palm Springs and then headed back towards Borrego Springs to explore the southern end of Anza Borrego State Park.

These sculptures are set up in the desert around Borrego Springs.

Views from the southern end of the park.

From there, I headed east on I-8 towards Yuma. From Yuma, I drove north to Kofa National Wildlife Refuge to explore the park and camp. The refuge adjoins the Yuma Proving Ground and these signs were everywhere. Camping is a bit tenuous.

Scenes from the wilderness.

A pretty nice back door.

From the park, I headed back through Yuma towards Tucson and opted for more back roads. About 50 miles west of Tucson is Kitt Peak Observatory, the largest collection of telescopes in one place on Earth. The road up climbs to almost 7000 feet in 12 miles offering spectacular views of the desert floor. The temperature and the wind at the top were literally breathtaking and as I arrived at closing, will go back after the missus arrives in a week or so.

The ride starts Saturday so internet access will be sporadic for the next week. I will take and post more pictures and text then. Until then, I leave you with this. It applies to some of my readers and you know who you are.


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