Thursday, March 25, 2010

Take that Joey

If you read my last post, I introduced you to my four wheeling friend, Joey. Now, Joey was correct in sharing his wisdom about the local conditions in Show Low. But, sometimes, you just have to say "what the f%$k" and go for it. As Jim Thill would say -- "What's the worst that can happen?"

I located a jeep road on the map and decided that it would lead me to remote camping opportunities.

I ignored this.

And immediately ran into this.

And this.

I'm pretty sure the Honda engineers would be hitting the sake a little heavier if they saw these pictures.

To quote Mr. Thill again -- "keep your standards low and your spirits high, and you'll never be dissapointed. Sage advice.



  1. Looks like an adventure! We saw roads like that on St Croix. Enjoy!

  2. Seriously, not nearly as bad as the up and down red rock ravines we recently hit on single speed beach cruisers trying to get to "the natural pool" in Aruba. We actually abandoned the attempt and settled with swimming at an awesome west coast beach before heading home to finish our ~18 mile single speed coaster brake "comfort saddle" desert ride.

    A couple days later, we could sit with comfort again...