Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Digress

This post isn't about my current journey and there are no photos. It also isn't about politics as promised but more of a social observation.

As background, I'm in Tucson with an afternoon to kill before having dinner with a friend. I headed over to the University of Arizona to visit the Center for Contemporary Photography. Among other collections, it includes most of the work of Ansel Adams, a personal favorite. It was worth the visit. Afterwards, I visited the art museum and wandered around campus ending up in the Student Union where I now sit.

I went to a small college in the 70's so comparing my expetience to attending a major university like UA today would be unfair. But when I read about how many of today's college students have no focus or ambition, and I look at the facilities and opportunities available today, I am somewhat bewildered. My age certainly has something to do with it.

At the UA student center, they probably have 20 restaurants representing every ethnic food imaginable, in addition to the offering of every fast food restaurant. The bookstore sells PC and Mac equipment that rivals a Best Buy. The book selection rivals any big box store and there is a Kaplan University office on site for test prep. Their athletic center has virtually ever piece of equipment imaginable. I can only imagine that their classroom and lab facilities are all state of the art.

Is it all so overwhelming that "analysis paralysis" sets in? If you can't find something to inspire you here, follow the advice of Judge Smelz in Caddyshack; "the world can always use more ditch diggers".


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