Monday, March 15, 2010

Tales From The Road

Ok, not really tales. The second ACA ride I am working is on day 2 already. Weather has definitely improved and it is much warmer than last week. Wind is a bit of an issue today and tomorrow, however.

We did have a rider airlifted to the hospital yesterday after he suffered a seizure and then went into cardiac arrest. Last report was he was stabilized in ICU.

And the moped died. The moped was purchased by ACA in an attempt to lower our carbon our carbon footprint as we mark the routes ahead of the riders. Unfortunately, 20+ miles of sustained use didn't agree with her much and she gave up the ghost.

Other than that, the group is a lot of fun and as mechanic, I have not needed to do any major repairs to date. Of interest to some readers is the presence of a new Salsa Vaya, ridden by an HC customer. I helped her assemble it and it is one nice ride. Think of it as a Fargo lite. I will try and post a picture shortly.

This has been one of the wettest winters on record here and the snow pack is down to probably 4000 feet or less.


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